Our Story

Emerald Gin was created by Gareth & Scott, two brothers-in-law with an ambition to do something special. From the leafy suburb of 'Heald Green' came an idea to create a great-tasting gin enjoyed by everyone.

So the story goes…

Back in the summer of 2019 we were drinking Gin & Tonics on the beach whilst on holiday in Spain with our wives & children. After a few too many we decided it would be a good idea to “give it a go” and make our own gin. Whilst still on holiday we booked ourselves onto a week-long practical distillery course for when we returned to the UK. We loved the distillery course so decided to go for it!

We set the company up in September 2019, it took around 8 months to gain all the relevant licenses & permissions before we started work on building our Gin Shed. We also started developing the recipe to our London Dry Gin in a 2.5L copper alembic pot still from around December 2019.

With the help of our friend Glynn we built a huge outbuilding at the bottom of the garden. In September 2020 we had our 100 litre still, named OLIVA after the beach in Spain where we first had the idea, installed & commissioned.

We currently produce three different flavours of gin - London Dry Gin, Pink Gin & a 57% Navy Strength Gin. All three gins are now multi award-winning. From two spades in the ground to international recognition.

A family-run business, we are proud to produce our small-batch craft gin from our very own hand-built garden shed distillery. Cheers & enjoy!


Gareth & Scott - Emerald Gin

Garden Shed Distillery

They say a picture paints a thousand words...