Our 'London Dry Gin' is an exceptionally smooth tasting gin, boasting strong citrus flavours, soft floral notes and fierce spice. The result is a perfectly balanced and fantastically dry tasting gin. Created by brothers-in-law Gareth & Scott, each bottle is carefully crafted in our hand-built garden shed distillery. Launched in December 2020, an exciting and refreshing new gin.

Best enjoyed with good company



Our ‘Pink Gin’ is an incredibly fresh and smooth tasting gin. Made from the classic London dry base combining with fresh strawberries, zingy lime peel and blushing pink peppercorns. The result is a delightfully well-balanced gin, bursting with full & fresh flavours. A refreshingly dry & smooth ‘Pink Gin’ with soft lingering hints of subtle peppery notes.

This is definitely a ‘must try’ for any pink gin & flavoured gin lovers, a choice you won’t regret - trust us!

The perfect summer drink.

The story so far...

Gareth & Scott first met through their wives, twin sisters from the leafy suburb of Heald Green - a hidden gem in the North West of England.

They always wanted to create something special and in 2019 on a family holiday they started to dream.

After a few drinks on the beach one day, their gin idea was born. 

They set out to create a great tasting gin enjoyed by everyone.

"Dreams and dedication are a powerful combination"

First round served December 2020

Garden Shed Distillery

Here's a quick look at some of our favourite photos from the past year when building our garden shed distillery

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